My grandmother always told me: “there are four corners in the room and you should never know where is a door. If you ar treated badly in one corner go to another.” I made another rules for my life and now I try to help women in my community to find a door.

I believe in education as a way to gender equality, it might give the freedom of choice to women, same as men. Some years ago I struggled to provide my daughter with education, but my family was against it. I didn’t give up and I won. Then I realized that life is a fight.

There is a legend about Sevil, who rejected her veil and became a free woman. In a way we all dream to be “Sevil”, to step away from the community rules and pre-justice and to be supported by others

Our society seems to be in permanent transition. In the beginning there was fighting and courage. But if it continues for 25 years you feel like fighting against windmills

I try to create a sense of community so that those who decided to stay in the village could feel that we have one goal. When the time comes to collect harvest we all do the work and later sit together at one table to celebrate.

Sometimes we get caught in a mood of desperation and think about leaving the village. Then we remember all the years of work we invested and tell ourselves to try a bit more, to realize some of our ideas so that people would remember us.

My father told me once: “Remember, one day you move up and the next day you fall down. Take pains for those who are currently at the bottom end every day of your life.” These words will stick with me forever.

In the times of the Rose Revolution I was standing at the square with other people as I wished my country to be free. Today freedom for me is to take decisions according to the law and that no one is able to prevent me from doing so.

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